As I’ve said the past days, on Tuesday I was in Tracking Bilbao 2016, to assist to a conference on video games, were I have the opportunity to met some of the main Basque creators, share impressions and learn from their experience. I’d like to thank Juan Dopico (organization), Julen Zaballa (journalist and community manager), Arturo Monedero (Delirium Studios), Jon Cortázar (Relevo Videogames) and Jorge Fuente (Flying Dodos). I’ll try to keep in touch with them and put to the test their advices. Thank you very much!

Tracking_poster_RGB - copiaContact Tracking Bilbao 2016: email, Twitter: @trackingbilbao2016.

Contact Julen Zaballa, Twitter: @julenzaballa.

Web pages of the main Basque companies (by alphabetical order): Delirium Studios, Flying Dodos, Relevo Videogames.

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