calendar-iconIt has been a lot of time since I made a stop to consider our agenda, because my PhD is keeping all my time. Anyway, here are our goals for the coming months, which aims to offer, at last, an image of the game so that you can get an idea of ​​its appearance:

  1. First of all, to finish the 4th scene by the master Charro in order to start closing the subject of the video. I will not make the 4th stage public, you will have to wait to see the video to enjoy it 😉 But it surely leaves you amazed. Indeed, my idea is to make it the front cover of the game.
  2. I talked with the Master Ninja, AK as David Garay, our programmer, because we had problems with the map that we will have to solve. Nothing serious, but we will have to wait some time more to get the first screenshots.
  3. We are also addressing the issue of the screen interface, which you will love. In fact, there won’t be one interface but three, in keeping with the era of game in which you find yourself: Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance, who gives more?

We’ll keep you informed of all this. Pass over to the Facebook page and join the community of Hispania giving us a LIKE. Remember that this, in principle, should end in a crowdfunding to allow us to conclude the game. If you join our Facebook community you will give us an overview of the people who support the idea of ​​Hispania, and we will know if it is time for the crowdfunding or not. Tell your friends and families, and those you know who like this kind of games and invite them to join the community, and together we can do something big. I guarantee that this game will not disappoint you.

Have a nice day, I will be back soon.

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