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Hello everyone. I’ve created a Facebook page to upload content of Hispania: Saints & Warriors, it is more comfortable and better designed for disseminating news than the group: Hispania: Saints&Warriors. Give us a Like and follow us on this social network.
Dear visitor,logo-hispania Thank you for stopping by our webpage. Kindly give me a minute of your time to show you what Hispania: Saints & Warriors is. Hispania: Saints & Warriors is a humble but ambitious project at the same time. It emerged from the initiative of two friends to make a videogame. The professional vocation of both of them, video game programming and medieval history, came together into a concrete place. This place is Hispania: Saints & Warriors. As an specialist in medieval history and a strategy video game lover, I soon realized that my aim couldn’t be any other than the Spanish Middle Ages, a fascinating period long forgotten by the entertaining software industry. Hispania: Saints & Warriors is an ambitious medieval strategy game, unique, innovative, geared to those of you who enjoy dealing with kingdoms and raising dinasties. But this game is, at the moment, a project, advanced to a large degree, but still unfinished. We need to gather as much people seduced by the idea as possible. My intention is that you all, to extent of your possibilities, participate in the creation of Hispania: Saints & Warriors. To make a video game can be a wonderful adventure. Follow us and you will get more details on how to collaborate. I send you to the News so you can begin exploring how this webpage works, and I invite you to visit the Gallery and enjoy the amazing illustrations from our collaborator Javier Charro. You can also visit our devBlog, run by my colleague David Garay, if you are interested in the technical process of making a game. He is the other half of Hispania: Saints & Warriors, and a genius of the bytes. Feel free to contact me through our Contact section, where I will answer all your questions and suggestions, and resolve your doubts as soon as I can. I wish to thank you for reading this. Feel at home here, and join our social network to be informed. The adventure is only beginning. Yours sincerely, Víctor M. Aguirre

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