Hispania: Saints & Warriors wishes you Happy New Year 2016. Hopefully, this new year will be fruitful for this project that is awakening the illusion of lots of people. My silence these months should not worry you, because we have advanced in various fields, although the presentation of my PhD thesis has prevented me from posting. Allow me to explain you our progress:

  • Animations have multiplied! We already have Christian and Muslim Soldiers, Christian King and Muslim Emir, Christian and Muslim Traveler, Christian and Muslim Knight, Pilgrim and Peasant. There are still plenty to do, but we have made progresses. By the way, I will not forget the female versions of Christian and Muslim Traveller, Peasant, and Christian Queen!
  • We are beginning to experiment with the system Moments’ Horizon that will be the soul of Hispania: Saints & Warriors. I tell you, when it becomes operational will be a revolution in gaming.
  • We have had problems with the assignation of the map and finally we have to do it between David and me. It will be a lot of work because we’re putting a lot of care, but the result will be worth of it.
  • The last scene of the video is on the way. I am taking care with the context (I will not reveal the subject of the illustration) to avoid falling into historical blunders, which ultimately are impossible to avoid, but my intention is to prevent any errors to the fullest.
  • In recent months we have established contact with some friends who will help us to promote the game. We will introduce them in our web soon.

In short, Hispania: Saints & Warriors advances, not as fast as I would like (it is impossible to avoid mishaps) but at least we have more substance than six months ago. Thanks to all of you who follow us, in the following days news will follow.

Best wishes,


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